Who Are We

The Disability Law and Policy Center of Georgia, Inc. (DLPC) is a non-profit corporation formed to further the work of the Disability Law and Policy Network. The DLPC was created to ensure that there is a constant, collaborative dialogue between this network of people with disabilities, advocates, and lawyers working on disability issues. This collaborative dialogue allows DLPC to develop “big picture” strategies, including policy and legal steps, to move Georgia forward.

The mission of the DLPC is to “use legal and policy tools and resources to facilitate community living and independence for Georgians with disabilities.”

People with disabilities guide the DLPC’s legal and policy work. The DLPC relies on the Disability Law and Policy Network for its constructive dialogue to inform and influence DLPC’s decisions to use legal, policy or a other means to address issues. Although the DLPC focuses on “big picture” issues rather than providing individual representation on a variety of issues, we recognize that there is much need for knowledgeable, affordable legal representation for individuals with disabilities.

The DLPC is unique in that it is both a policy and a legal organization. We have learned that some changes are better made through policy channels or individual advocacy while at other times the use of legal means is the method that will bring results. To that end, we attempt to facilitate coordination of existing legal and policy resources, develop additional legal resources for people with disabilities, and provide legal and policy resources and training on disability issues to people who want to learn more about disability issues.

The DLPC works through a limited staff and contracts for the desired services as needed. In conducting its work, the DLPC strives to fill the gaps in existing work being conducted by other organizations rather than to duplicate such work.

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